State-of-the-art glass bending technology and tempering know-how turns industry-leading ideas into realities and fuses function and modern style into any design . . . more info


Whether bonded with adhesives, mechanically fastened, or mounted in a gasket system, these custom-designed solutions are engineered to fit specific cab or vehicle openings . . . more info


Providing security and functionality, custom-designed door solutions are engineered to fit specific cabs and serve purposes beyond simple entrance and egress . . . more info


Re-imagining the look and functionality of bus windows, our in-house engineering team has developed several options for both side and driver glazing . . . more info


A low-cost, sturdily constructed, easy to install, high-volume solution that provides the truck driver with light and ventilation in their sleeper cab . . . more info

Taylor Made Glass Systems

Taylor Made Glass Ohio, LLC

1101 Stonebraker Drive

Kendallville, IN 46755

Tel: 260-347-1368

Fax: 260-347-4618


Taylor Made Glass Systems

Taylor Made Glass Ohio, LLC

407 N. Maple Street

Payne, OH 45880

Tel: 419-263-2313

Fax: 419-263-2661


Taylor Made Glass Systems provides complete glazing solutions for mass transit vehicles, agricultural, construction and mining equipment, emergency vehicles and class 8 trucks. In short, they provide glass and window systems for vehicles that work.

The ability to form complex shapes while maintaining superior optical clarity sets Taylor Made Glass Systems apart from the competition, and their unique capabilities have made them the ideal partner for some of the world’s leading OEMs.

It’s been nearly five decades since Taylor Made purchased the glass tempering facility in Payne, Ohio and expanded into vehicular glass and window markets outside of the marine industry. In 2005, this role increased significantly when Transwind (short for "transportation windows") was acquired. Now, constructed at Taylor’s longstanding Kendallville, Indiana facility and bearing the Taylor Made imprint, Transwind’s customers ranked among some of the top names in the industrial vehicle marketplace.

Boasting the world’s largest vertical glass furnace — capable of bending and tempering glass that’s over 9 ft. x 10ft. in size — Taylor Made Glass Systems continues to add state of the art cutting, drilling and painting equipment necessary to out pace the constant evolution in customer designs. To understand and support customer needs, they employ an industry leading sales and engineering team committed to developing glass and window systems that meet or exceed the design requirements of each customer and every application. This commitment to delivering leading-edge, high-performance products has kept business strong and growing, most recently expanding into the bus and ATV markets.

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