Featuring aerodynamically designed glass in compound or single axis curves and framing systems in a variety of finishes, these next generation windshields bring fresh styling to any boat . . . more info


Offering a variety of window systems featuring everything from power actuation to modern automotive styling and a fashionable flush-glazed appearance . . . more info


Providing soft natural light by day and an extraordinary celestial view by night, these roofs come as drop-in units designed for easy installation . . . more info


Offering a full spectrum of doors engineered and designed with the unique challenges of boat building and the marine environment in mind . . . more info


Designed and built to offer every functional and aesthetic consideration, the smooth, rounded lines and low profile appearance of these hatches perfectly match today’s boat designs . . . more info

Taylor Made Systems

Taylor Made Group, LLC

93 South Boulevard

Gloversville, NY 12078

Tel: 518-773-0636

Fax: 518-773-2919


Taylor Made Systems

Taylor Made Group, LLC

1101 Stonebreaker Drive

Kendallville, IN 46755

Tel: 260-347-1368

Fax: 260-347-4618


Taylor Made Systems is constantly reinvesting and expanding to keep pace
with the marine market's growing need for innovative, high-performance glazing products.

Ever since 1908, when Nelson A. Taylor put the finishing touches on his first custom canvas piece, the Taylor Made name has been known for its legendary quality, innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

The company grew and expanded quickly, along with a quest for innovation in new applications, processes, and products — including the introduction of the first wraparound acrylic windshield for motor boats soon followed by the first curved safety glass windshield.

To this day, Taylor Made Systems' entrepreneurial spirit, high standards of excellence, and dedication to customer service have firmly established them as the world's largest manufacturer of marine glazing systems and the undisputed leader in framed glass windshield technology. They also offer a large selection of custom-quality marine products, including doors, deck hatches, power roof systems, direct-bond glass, and much more.

But success has not lead to complacency. The goal is to continue to meet — and exceed — expectations in the years ahead by providing innovative, high quality, state-of-the-art solutions to the boating industry's toughest glazing challenges.

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