Pictured are Dennis Flint (left) and Dennis with Jim Taylor (right).

Jason Pajonk-Taylor

President & Chief Operating Officer


Robert Khalife

Chief Financial Officer


John Taylor


As Executive Chairman of the Taylor Made Group, I personally want to welcome you to our Website.

You may not be aware of the extent, diversity and completeness of our product lines. Nor of the technological leadership we maintain in so many product areas. Many people — among both original equipment manufacturers and consumers — rely upon the excellence of our products. I believe that our success in keeping these customers satisfied is due to one telling fact: The Taylor family — including John Taylor and Jim Taylor today — has maintained a firm commitment to uncompromising quality across the years, across the board. The same can be said for everyone who has worked with them. We look forward to demonstrating our high quality standards to you, as one of our many valued customers.


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