Originally constructed as a Christian Science Church in 1932, Taylor Made Group, LLC converted this unique and handsome building into our corporate office space in 1997.

Taylor Made Group, LLC

66 Kingsboro Avenue

Gloversville, NY 12078

Tel: 518-725-0681

Fax: 518-725-4335

Located at 66 Kingsboro Avenue in Gloversville, New York, Taylor Made’s corporate offices are seated in the heart of the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack mountains.

Innovative and entrepreneurial aptly describe both the management style of the leadership and the people who make Taylor Made what it is today. This is reflected in the unique structural choice of venue for the current company headquarters.

The building was originally built as a Christian Science Church in 1932. Taylor Made’s corporate offices were relocated there in June 1997.

On the first floor, the original foyer has been retained for use as a lobby and waiting area. Here, comfortable chairs are available for guests and employees who may wish to have informal discussions, and the former coatroom has been converted to a single office and reception area.

Upstairs, the former choir loft, which originally held an organ used for services, has been transformed into our corporate boardroom. Off of the boardroom is a kitchen that remains as a pleasant area for staff and visitors to congregate.

From the corporate boardroom one has an overview of the church auditorium, which is now working office space. No walls were erected. Instead, dividers have been constructed to provide working areas for eight of the ten employees who occupy the building.

This view also allows one to appreciate the design and structure of the main part of the building, much of which has been left intact in deference to the beauty of the original design. The dais at the front of the auditorium is entirely as it was and is used as a mini-conference area. The walls and decorative trim is original, with only fresh coats of matching paint applied.

Additionally, the brass rail around the boardroom balcony was part of the original structure. The same type of brass rail was obtained and placed around the mini-conference area on the main floor to add to the decorative integrity of the building.

Back on the first floor, the lovely red carpet and draperies are all original from the church. The carpet was cut to cover the general walkways. The hardwood floors under the carpet were refinished and protected to show their natural beauty. The walkways lead back through the divided office space to the pastor’s study. This stately room has been converted into a single office for the Chairman of the corporation.

On the basement level, the original Sunday school room is also not divided by permanent walls. Instead, it too has stand-alone dividers to separate it into areas for record storage, product display and an exercise area for the staff. The carpet, on the other hand, has been replaced with ceramic tile, and two of the storage rooms at the foot of the main staircase have been converted into an additional conference room.

The exterior of the building remains as originally designed and constructed, with only a signage change at the front and minor repairs to several surface areas. Several of the original trees have, of necessity, been removed but have recently been replaced with new plantings to ensure the pleasing beauty of the grounds will remain unblemished.

Several hidden modification have been made. For example, central air conditioning has been added, and the building was completely rewired for modern electric and telephone services, computer networks, a music system that ties into the telephones, and state-of-the-art security system.

The end result is a corporate headquarters that is just as pleasant and inviting for visitors and business associates as it is for our executives and staff.

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